Q. Are all zinc-coated nails for pneumatic nailers created equal?

A.There are several types of zinc-coated fasteners and they are definitely not all equal. At the low-end of the quality scale are electrogalvanized fasteners. On these, a thin layer of zinc is electroplated onto the fastener. This offers only minimal resistance to corrosion. Collated fasteners for power drivers are typically coated this way.

On the other end are hot-dipped fasteners, which offer better resistance to corrosion. The nail may be dipped once or twice. The double-dipped variety, of course, has a much thicker coating that lasts longer. At least one major manufacturer, the W. H. Maze Company (Peru, IL 61354; 815/223-8290), promises collated double-dipped nails for use in nail guns within a year.