Q. Our clients are unhappy with the color of their roof now that the house has been painted. The asphalt shingles are less than 2 years old and are in very good condition. Is there any way to change the color of the shingles without replacing them?

A.Several products on the market can be used to change the color of asphalt shingles, but the color choice is limited. There are both acrylic and elastomeric coatings, but they are usually restricted to black, white, and gray. The whites can be tinted to pastels by adding pigments, but no other dark colors are available. Elastomeric coatings are available from Kool-Seal (1499 Enterprise Parkway, Twinsburg, OH 44087; 800/321-0572) or Macklanburg-Duncan (M-D, 4041 N. Santa Fe, Oklahoma City, OK 73125; 800/678-3577). M-D also makes acrylic roof coatings that might be used. But whatever you use, check first to see whether the coatings would void the shingle manufacturer’s warranty.