There’s more to the modern door threshold than meets the eye. Advanced threshold technologies can ensure smoother door installations for builders and remodelers. They can also ensure that entry doors perform optimally in the worst wind-driven rain over the long term. Entry doors with secure threshold seals will also help ensure you’re giving homeowners the energy-efficient performance they demand from their entry doors.

Three threshold technology options for high-performance entry doors

Articulating Cap: Unlike manually adjustable thresholds, articulating cap thresholds automatically adjust up or down to form a tight, lasting seal, delivering non-stop protection against air and water infiltration — reducing the likelihood of service calls.

An articulating threshold has a durable, spring-loaded cap. As the door closes, the door sweep presses the threshold cap down. When the door is fully closed, the cap rises back up and interlocks with the door sweep. When inevitable settling in the threshold occurs from changing conditions, the entry door continues to perform at an optimal level without requiring a manual adjustment. Articulating cap thresholds have the added benefit of creating a faster, easier, and more forgiving installation. Conditions don’t need to be perfect to get an impeccable seal every time.

Adjustable Inswing: Adjustable inswing thresholds allow the installer to manually adjust the sill cap upwards or downwards to create a tight seal by loosening or tightening the threshold’s adjustment screws. The ability to easily adjust the threshold months or years after the installation is an obvious plus. Heavy foot traffic, house settling, door movement and other conditions can cause changes in the threshold, compromising the seal on an entry door. Taking time to explain these common variances to homeowners and showing them how to fine-tune their adjustable inswing threshold can help reduce callbacks and increase homeowner satisfaction with their entry door investment.

Outswing Bumper: Outswing bumper thresholds offer ultimate protection in high exposure areas and severe weather conditions. Made specifically for outswing doors, outswing bumper thresholds include a weatherstrip bumper inserted into the threshold cap. The seal produced by the outswing bumper increases with wind pressure against the door, creating a tough seal against air and water infiltration. The added protection of the outswing bumper is a simple way to maximize the performance of outswing doors and reduce service calls.

ProVia illustrates the mechanics and advantages of the Z-AC Threshold system that uses self-adjusting technology to form a tight, lasting seal here, and provides tips to reduce callbacks on door installations.