Q: What’s the best way to attach a dishwasher to a granite countertop?

A: Randy Polumbo, who operates 3-D Construction in New York City, responds: When faced with a granite countertop, the trick is to provide a wood base to accept the 3/4-inch-long screws I typically use. Most granite countertops have a 3/4-inch buildup on the edge. When the buildup is not too wide I attach a strip of 3/4-inch cabinet-grade plywood behind this edge, using silicone as the adhesive.

When the buildup is too wide, I have no choice but to drill small holes into the underside of the granite. I then insert plastic anchors, secured with epoxy, to accept the screws.

There’s another technique I came across after tearing out a number of older kitchens: It seems that many builders rely on their good friend gravity and simply jack up the front legs of the dishwasher as high as they can. The top is then squeezed so tight against the stone counter that the dishwasher can’t budge. Seems feasible, but I use fasteners just in case.