Letters JLC · OCTOBER 1989 Ant Remedies To the Editor: I recommend the author of the article "Carpenter Ants and Foam Core Panels" (JLC, 4/89) plant tansy (Tanacetum vulgare), two plants on each side of the house. Ants hate it. To repair your house, infrared scan the damage. Drill holes at the following spacing: depth of foam times six or seven, then refoam with water-based urethane. Plug the 1/4-inch holes with appropriate finish material and relax. We built stressed-skin homes (expanded polystyrene), which were badly infested five years ago. Hence we switched to Cedarfoam, which has performed for five field years with no infiltration so far. We use shiplap for the panel joint, which is simple and fast. We are against "structural" panel