Modern, lightweight materials make it easy to build durable, waterproof structures, such as seats and shelves, in a shower. For this shower, we created a built-in seat that extended along the wall opposite the faucets. The shower seat was constructed of Kerdi board of various thicknesses. The actual seat will be a single piece of stone, while the slanted face of the seat's base was to be tiled to match the shower walls.

Layout for the Shower Seat

A crew member draws level lines for the seat material, along with positions for the gussets that will support the seat.

The crew member draws the support gusset at one end of the seat. The top of the gusset is pitched to shed water and the front face of the gusset slants down well clear of the linear floor drain. Five identical gussets along the back wall of the shower will support the shower seat.

 Install the Gussets