Dallas-Fort Worth-Arlington, TX

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Top 5 Cities for Construction Workers in 2021

BUILDER contributor Thomas O'Shaughnessy analyzed recent data to find where... More

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One-Voter Referendums Give Texas Developers Taxation Power

When you develop empty land, sometimes you can end up with a lot of clout. More

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Dallas Implements Green Building Code

Starting October 1, new homes in Dallas, Texas must be “certifiable” under LEED guidelines or meet equivalent city standards. More

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Home Price Rises Moderate

The housing market still has momentum, according to the latest numbers. But the price rises appear to be slowing. More

Ed Williams

Ed Williams is a one-of-a-kind carpenter who does one-of-a-kind work in... More

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LVLs Rotting in Crawlspaces

Q. Many homes in the Dallas area are built on crawlspaces and use LVL beams. Most of these homes have dirt floors but are built to code with regard to crawlspace ventilation. In many cases, I'm finding that the engineered wood is rotting at the point wher More

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Torchdown Roofing Basics

A metal roofing contractor explains why he uses single-ply modified bitumen for low-slope applications and how he installs it safely. More

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Online building permits; sunroom code changes; tool recalls; plumbing with lead-containing brass reconsidered; foundation failures in Texas droughts; more More

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Drywall codes; back-priming discussion; CAD for Macs; sizing I-joists for clear spans; safety reminder; more More

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