Emagispace’s flexible building block technology allows builders to reconfigure an interior space in minutes. EmagiBlocks, the system’s interlocking building blocks, can either form a freestanding wall or integrate with an existing well. Faced with sustainable medium-density fiberboard (MDF) panels, the blocks help to cut down on waste generated from traditional construction, according to the company.

EmagiBlocks connect via impact-resistant ABS plastic ribs, and can support hanging weights of over 150 pounds, Emagispace says. These connectors, located at the top and bottom of each block, can also be inverted to create a flat, level surface on the outer edges of the wall. The company says that one person can assemble a wall in 10% of the time that traditional construction methods require.

EmagiBlocks are engineered with horizontal and vertical channels in the interior to accommodate electrical and plumbing systems. The blocks can be easily configured and reconfigured to incorporate doors and windows. Virtually any material can be used as wall cladding, according to Emagispace, including vinyl, wood laminate, metal, glass, drywall, or custom 3D-printed reliefs. Wall coverings can be replaced and reused, the company says.

Standard EmagiBlocks are 41 inches high by 1, 2, and 3 feet wide and 4.5 inches deep. The system is also available in custom-ordered sizes.

This article originally appeared in Builder