Sustainable Materials

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'Sustainable' Building, or Just More Greenwashing?

Contributing editor Nicole Tysvaer walked away from IBS 2024 convinced this will... More

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Black Label Tropical Hardwoods

The company claims the lumber it sells is certified as sustainably harvested. More

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Hemp: The Next Disruptor in Construction After Wood?

With faster cultivation rates, a higher carbon capture, and advances in processing... More

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Working Toward a Carbon-Free Steel

Blaine Brownell looks at ongoing efforts by the steel industry to reduce its... More

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Exploring Alternative Insulation Options

If your clients are as concerned with embodied energy and toxicity as they are... More

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Modular Wall System

Emagispace’s temporary wall system can be assembled at a fraction of the cost,... More

North Carolina Moves to Sandbag LEED in Fight Over Lumber Sourcing

Lumber interests are pushing to get North Carolina off the LEED bandwagon. More

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Micronized-Copper Treated Lumber

Q: I'm building an outdoor deck for a client who wants me to use lumber treated with micronized copper, in the belief that it's less harmful to the environment than wood treated with other chemicals. I'm not very familiar with the material. Can it be used in ground-contact applications, including load-bearing posts? More

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Lightweight Green Pavers

Vast's Composite Pavers are made almost entirely from recycled materials - mostly... More

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Architect-Builder Uses Natural Tree Forms

Architect Roald Gundersen and his team at Whole Tree Architecture and Construction are all for putting small-diameter trees — the “weeds” of the forest — to practical use. More

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