Too often, laundry areas are given little thought in the design of a house. The washer, dryer, and sink, if there is one, are just lined up against the wall of a mudroom or even relegated to the basement because the homeowners don’t want to lose precious floor space upstairs. But considering how often it gets used, a poorly thought-out laundry area usually proves inadequate. That’s why, in my work as a kitchen and bath designer, I am often asked by homeowners to incorporate the laundry into a remodeling project. Most requests are simple: provide counter space for sorting and folding clothes, a hanging rod for clothes to drip dry, a small storage area for detergents, good lighting, and a small wastebasket for cleaning the dryer vent. Some clients expand on these requests to include amenities like a pull-out spray faucet, a built-in ironing board, a laundry chute and dirty clothes hamper, and recycling-type bins for sorting the laundry.

There are no established guidelines to follow like there are in designing a kitchen, but here are some tips for laying out an efficient laundry room.

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