Energy Docs

Maybe you've heard about the upcoming building code changes that will allow all new residential plumbing pipes to leak up to 6% of their water supply and waste products? A recent court case in Pathetic County, Calif., found that since the Title 24 state energy code allowed brand-new residential HVAC ducted distribution systems to leak up to 6% of total system airflow, plumbers and other trades cannot be held to a higher standard than HVAC contractors. Homeowners receiving mild shocks from their electrical outlets can no longer hold electricians to a "shock-free" standard as long as they don't exceed typical static electricity levels, and framers are soon expected to build almost-as-strong housing using up to 6% fewer nails.

Of course none of the above is true. The mere suggestion of these imaginary code changes is preposterous, but only because we can see, touch, smell, and feel their negative impacts. Aren't the same problems taking place in every home with code-legal duct leaks, and we simply aren't paying any attention to them? With the advent of...

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