Indoor Air Quality

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Efficient Energy Recovery Ventilator

ERVs help improve indoor air quality while transferring moisture and heat between... More

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Single-Room Air Purifier

When the unit senses particulates the size of pollen, the fan speeds up until the... More

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Practical Ventilation for a Warm, Humid Climate

A builder in coastal North Carolina describes the strategies and equipment he uses... More

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Running a Bath Fan Exhaust Through Metal Roofing

Aaron Miiller has devised a clean way to vent a bath fan through exposed-fastener... More

Filter-free Air Scrubber

The Dust One air scrubber uses cyclonic technology to separate contaminants from... More

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Smart Control Switch

With a sensor insert, it can automatically turn a bathroom fan or an ERV on and off. More

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Smart Airflow Control

An ERV that doesn't need to be connected to central HVAC More

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Humidifying Homes

Too much moisture can be problem, but so can too little. Doug Horgan explains when... More

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Box Fan Air Cleaner Update

Allison Bailes takes a look at the long-term performance of his DIY whole-room air... More

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