Vintage Canadian Canadian Heritage Preservation, by Eric P. Jokinen; Lone Pine Publishing, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada; 1987; 156 pages; $24.95, hardcover. In Heritage Preservation, engineer Eric Jokinen provides an overview of the methods and materials needed to preserve the structural systems of historic buildings. Author Jokinen presents the material in such a way that non-technical readers such as conservationists, preservation officials, planning departments, owners, trustees, and contractors will understand—but in the process he does a disservice to his readers by keeping things too simple. For instance, several illustrations in Chapter 4 showing techniques such as built-in-place trussing and plywood web beams are unexplained in the text. Similar short shrift is given to subjects such as investigation techniques, selective demolition, secondary effects of blasting, shoring options, slabjacking, "photogrammetry," and