Master Suite

Wood Decks Still a Top Value

Decks remain a solid value for homeowners looking to add comfort and value to... More

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Fixing Faulty Roof Framing

A remodeler working on a master suite remodel that involves a cathedral ceiling... More

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How to Make a Noisy Garage Door Quieter

De-coupler clips help to isolate motor vibrations from the structure, but you'll... More

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Keeping Garage Fumes at Bay

Five ways to prevent potentially fatal garage fumes from entering a house. More

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Troubleshooting Open Plans

Over the last ten years or so, residential designers have made tremendous progress... More

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Kitchen & Bath: Bathroom for a Dual Master Suite

Bath designed for aging couple More

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By Design: Sharing Bath Space

Adding a second bathroom More

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Successful Floorplans for Small Houses

To allocate space correctly in a small house, consider using the component method, which matches floorplans to the needs of small home buyers. More

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