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First Permitted 3D-Printed House Hits the Market for $300K

Using patent-pending ARCS technology, the home's footings, foundation, and... More

Massachusetts Ponders Mandatory Energy Audits for Real Estate Sellers

Homes offered for sale would have to disclose an audit report. More

South Florida Investors Still Flipping Houses

House flipping isn’t the craze it was ten years ago, but it’s still a significant business in Florida — and it’s attracting big-money backing. More

Oceanfront Homes Rule Florida Real Estate Market

Oceanfront homes are selling for top dollar in south Florida. More

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Strictly Business: Building on Spec

Building on spec More

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Teach Classes & Win Customers

A Rhode Island builder tells how teaching free classes in his community brings a stream of prequalified prospective clients. More

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Legal Adviser: Code Disagreements

When you disagree with the building inspector More

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How Big is a House

Not all 2,000-square-foot houses have the same usable living area. Here’s how professionals measure square footage. More

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Getting into Home Inspection

A leading home-inspector discusses the problems and opportunities facing participants in this fast-growing industry. More

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