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IBS 2023: Despite Recession, Housing Market Projected to Rebound in Second Half of 2023

Robert Dietz, Danielle Hale, and Ali Wolf share economic forecasts for 2023 and... More

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Making Sense of the Building Industry's Complicated 2023 Economic Outlook

At this stage of the business cycle, some big builders are starting to focus on... More

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As Interest Rates Heat Up, Home Prices and Rents Predicted to Cool

Benchmark JCHS report says rising interest rates, double-digit home price... More

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Annual Harvard Report Frames the Nation’s Housing Challenges

Rising home prices, tight supply, and eviction or foreclosure risks are key... More

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Industry Outlook: What's Ahead for Housing in 2021

Demand is up, costs are flattening, and pricing power is great. Can production and... More

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Six Single-Family Trends That Will Take Off in 2021

In the wake of COVID-19, builders and buyers hit the reset button. More

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Student Debt Forgiveness and the Housing Market: Benefit or Not?

If implemented by the new Biden administration, a $10,000 student loan forgiveness... More

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2021 Is Expected to Be Another Good Year for Housing

A new round of uncertainty has hit the economy as COVID-19 hospitalizations reach... More

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Home Price Rises Moderate

The housing market still has momentum, according to the latest numbers. But the price rises appear to be slowing. More

As Deadline Approaches, Maryland Towns Put off Sprinkler Decision

As Deadline Approaches, Maryland Towns Put off Sprinkler Decision ~ More

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