Brian Way got rid of his rented shop space when he stopped building cabinets and began to specialize in installation. Now when he has to build something, he builds in the garage. But what do you do when the garage must also be used to store vehicles—where do you store the cut table?

Way stores his against the ceiling and lifts it there with an electric winch. The video below explains that part of the system and a clever home-made gizmo for tipping sheet goods onto the bench without hurting his back or damaging the material.

Those copper pipes that run through the table? Those are what the lift gizmo pivots off of. Look closely (at the 1:30 mark) and you’ll see him remove the pin that holds the lift in the stored position. The pin is magnetized and he stores it (1:38) on one of the cross members used to raise the bench to the ceiling.

Not mentioned in the video—but just as cool as the rest of the setup—are the flat aluminum bars spaced off the ends of the table. Way uses them as convenient hangers for tools that have clips: tape measures, cordless drills, and the like (you can see it in use at the 2:29 mark).

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