OK, so this is a How It’s Made meets cheesy-radio-voice-guy video, but there are also some pretty cool tools in it. As well as what I’d consider to be a “solution without a problem.”

The $5,360 Hilti dx9 powder actuated tool for nailing steel decking to wide flange is just cool. Unless your next job is building a facility for The Avengers or MIB, you’ll never need one, but it is incredible.

The fence post putter-inner is just fun to watch.

The breakdown of how the Lamello Invis MX2 works is kind of cool.

Later on, at 9 minutes, is the drill attachment called the Quad Cutter. Cut perfect device boxes without a jab saw.

And, then, a true SMH (for social-media nonusers, that's "shaking my head") at a hammer that accepts racks of gun nails.

Don’t shoot the messenger.