2017 Editors' Choice Award : Martinez M1 Titanium-Handled Framing Hammer

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Why it made the list: It's not the cheapest hammer you'll ever own, but as Tim Uhler put it: It'll be the last. Titanium handle, replaceable grips, and replaceable heads make it versatile and virtually indestructible. Plus, it's a pleasure to swing.

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Martinez M1 Titanium-Handled Hammers
The Martinez M1 is a titanium-handled hammer that features a replaceable steel head (as Martinez puts it: “Titanium where you need it, steel where you want it”). The head is available in either milled or smoothed face ($50 for each). One big change in the design of this hammer is that the face is slightly angled, which is meant to create a more solid strike on the nail head (if you were to watch a hammer face as it approaches a nail, you would see that it comes in at an angle due to the arc of your swing; Martinez designed the face to work in conjunction with that arc). The grip, which is also replaceable, is available in either a curved or straight style ($30 each). Martinez worked with the company that makes grips for Taylor Made Golf and Harley Davidson to create a grip that is slightly tacky and comfortable enough to prevent over-gripping, which can lead to problems in tendons and ligaments. Tim Uhler notes that it took him about a month to get used to the size and balance of the hammer, but now he absolutely loves it. He also noted that it’s the last hammer you’ll ever have to buy. Martinez has expanded the hammer line to include a 12 oz. finish hammer and plans to add more head options in the near future.

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