Klein’s K12055 Heavy Duty Wire Stripper is a cross between lineman’s pliers and typical wire strippers. Most electricians carry both tools with them at all times, but this solution offers a nice alternative. Fewer tools in your pouch means less weight and less time putting one tool down to reach for another. The jaws have a wide face and deep knurls that are more common on traditional lineman’s pliers. These make for a strong grip when grabbing and twisting wires, and they’re wide enough to grab and twist up to three wires at a time. Unlike traditional lineman’s pliers, the jaws taper slightly at the tip so you can loop wires with them, as well.

These pliers are made of a forged steel that Klein claims is four times stronger than that used in traditional strippers. You can feel that when gripping them—they’re very stout. The blades are assembled with a hot-riveted joint that opens and closes smoothly. The stripping holes and cutting knives are induction-hardened, which is a noncontact method of electromagnetic heating that leaves the edges harder than the rest of the tool.

The pliers can cut and strip 10‑18 AWG solid and 12-20 AWG stranded wire, as well as shear 6-32 and 8-32 screws. The cushion-grip handles lock and are spring-loaded, so you can keep them in whichever position you prefer (many electricians like them to always stay opened). The tool is manufactured in the U.S. and costs $30. kleintools.com