A smartphone is one of the most useful tools in a contractor’s arsenal—for communicating, ordering or researching products, and for the apps that can be used with it. My Measures & Dimensions Pro is an amazing app that allows you to photograph a cabinet, room, or some other object and put notes and dimensions on it. It’s faster and more accurate than creating a dimensioned drawing and the photo is on your phone where it can be emailed, printed, saved to a job folder, or retained on the camera roll. The app can be used to measure angles and to add calculate dimensions.

Being able to photograph a run of cabinets, dimension it, and email it to the shop within minutes of taking the photo is a huge time saver for me. Using an air printer (an Apple wireless printer) I can print a full-size drawing right from my phone. For me, the days of drawing cabinets and rooms for dimensional purposes are over.

My Measures & Dimensions Pro sells for $8.99 and is available for iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, and Android devices.