In 2014 I wrote up a review of two brands of gloves we use, and in the article, I commented on how much we like the MaxiFlex Endurance glove. We still do love those gloves and use them all winter. Even so, this last winter I saw an ad for Hex Armor gloves and contacted the company to try them out. After talking to a rep, we decided to try three different styles.

HexArmor 2080. This glove is similar to the MaxiFlex in that it allows for a high level of dexterity. It features a higher cut level than the MaxiFlex glove and has touchscreen capability. I always have to take off my MaxiFlex to use my touchscreen; with the 2080, I don’t, which is convenient.

Bottom line: After we used this glove, wore out the samples, and switched back to the MaxiFlex, we decided we’ll have both in the van. The HexArmor 2080 is a great glove and thicker than the MaxiFlex, but didn’t diminish dexterity much. It’s better in the cold, so when the temperatures drop, we’ll wear the 2080.

I really like this glove, but at $14 per, we won’t keep as many in the truck, and we’ll use them only in the winter. The MaxiFlex are about $6 a pair.

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