Milwaukee recently held a media event where they unveiled an impressive group of new power tools, hand tools, and accessories that will be released between now and the spring of next year. Cordless offerings center on the next generation of M18 Fuel tools, which include some heavy-duty tools that prior to now always had cords or hadn’t been done with 18-volt batteries. Given how long hand tools have been around it’s hard to believe anyone can innovate—and yet Milwaukee did. Some of the new hand tools extend existing product lines while others are a complete rethinking of what came before. There was some action in accessories, including the next generation of Shockwave impact bits. And for those of your who are carpenters and woodworkers, a particular cordless tool suggests Milwaukee it ready to extend beyond its traditional core customers in the electrical, plumbing, and mechanical trades.

The slideshow on this page contains some of the more interesting and significant tools you would have seen if you’d been present at the media event. Wherever possible I included the country of origin and pricing—though for most of these tools pricing will not be released until August 2015. Be sure to see the captions, which explain what the tools are and why they are significant. And keep your eyes open for links to the tools and video shot at the media event.