Earlier this year we conducted a survey and one of the questions was "What is the age of your work vehicle?" The answers were multiple-choice and the choices were:

0-3 years 3-6 years
6-10 years
10 or more years

We asked the same question in a 2011 survey that lumped all of the trades together; the more recent survey was set up so answers could be separated by trade. The charts in the slideshow on this page contain answers from all who responded in 2011, all who responded in 2014, and from those trades that received at least 25 responses in the most recent survey: remodelers, GCs doing new construction, handymen, finish carpenters, and electricians.

The responses from other trades count towards the total but are not individually called out. Nothing against those trades, but it would be unreasonable to draw conclusions based on the handful of responses received from plumbers, painters, and the like.

Here are some of the comments we received from those who answered the question about the age of their vehicle:

"20 yrs. 396,000 miles and not a down day." [Remodeler; drives Chevy W4 flatbed; 4 cylinder; turbo-charged diesel; 2 WD dual axle; 20 years old]

"It has not been driven in salt for 8 years and has no rust." [Remodeler; drives F-250 7.3 L Diesel; 8 cylinder, 4 WD; Diesel; 10+ years old—drives Ford Ranger 4.0 L 4x4- winter]

"Has almost 210,000 miles on it & runs great!" [Remodeler; drives a cube van and says driving "anything else is a joke". Ford; 10 cylinder; 2 WD; gasoline engine; 10+ years old. Also drives a pickup with a fiberglass cap.]

"Donating my truck to Goodwill; Rusted underbody about 120,000 miles in New England. Had alligator --tough thick lining sprayed on - neat and worthwhile." [Handyman; drives Ford pickup; 6 cylinder; 4 WD; gasoline engine; 3-6 years old.]

"New trucks and vans are over-priced!!!" [Finish carpenter; drives Ford cube van; 6 cylinder; 4 WD; gasoline engine; 10+ years old; with roof racks and home-made shelving. Also has Ford Aerostar and single axle cargo trailer]