Izzy Swan has a favorite sawhorse setup, and it might surprise you. He acknowledges that these aren’t “the best” sawhorses you can make (nor are they fastener-free and lifetime-durable), but, he says, “These are my favorite.” Why? The benefits are hard to argue against: They are inexpensive to build (about $13, depending upon the cost of a 2x4 in your area), they’re quick to build (about 15 min. each, he says), and they are easier to set on uneven ground because of the third leg. The only downside is that they don’t stack—but someone out there will likely figure out a solution to that. The third leg also has an added benefit, which he points out at the very end.

Here’s the cutlist:

  • Two top pieces at 31” long
  • Two legs at 31 ½” with a 22.5° bevel
  • One back leg at 30 ½” long
  • One stretcher (for the two legs) at 14” with 15° angle cut on the flat on both sides