Earlier this year we ran a multiple choice survey about the vehicles and trailers you use for construction work and 599 of you answered. One of the questions we asked was "What Brand is Your Vehicle". That's not exactly the same as asking who makes the best construction vehicle. But it's close, because in my experience tradesmen give a lot of thought to what they buy, and given their needs and budget, choose the ones they think are best.

The pie charts in the slideshow on this page contain the responses we received from all who answered and from those trades that received at least 25 responses in the most recent survey: remodelers, GCs doing new construction, handymen, finish carpenters, and electricians.

The responses from other trades count towards the total but are not individually called out. Nothing against those trades, but it would be unreasonable to draw conclusions based on the handful of responses received from plumbers, painters, and the like.

Here are some of the comments we received from tradesmen who answered the question about the brand of their vehicles:

"Cube van. Anything else is a joke." [Remodeler; drives Ford cube van; 10 cylinder; 2WD; gasoline engine; 10+ years old; "Has almost 210,000 miles on it & runs great!"]

"This truck pulls a 4,000-pound load of gravel with ease." [Remodeler; drives 2013 Toyota Tundra; 8 cylinder; 2 WD; gasoline engine; with Weatherguard cross box and rack]

"I would like a 1 ton diesel." [GC; drives a Chevy pickup; 8 cylinder; 4WD; gasoline engine; 6-10 years old; with side boxes and rack.

"The chassis says Chevy on it but it was built by Isuzu. It is a Chevy W4 (a flatbed) but now that Isuzu is importing them directly they are Isuzu's NPR. I had a special flat outfitted the way I wanted it." [Remodeler; drives Chevy W4; 4 cylinder; turbo-charged diesel; 2WD dually; 10+ years old; "20 years 396,000 miles and not a down day"]

"By far my favorite vehicle is the Sprinter extended height van. safe secure, easy to drive. A pickup is great for sand or gravel or trash, but a van keeps tools safe, dry and organized if you have bins and shelves and ladder racks. Has a Mercedes drive train...great vehicle." [Remodeler; drives Dodge Sprinter; 4 cylinder; 2WD; diesel engine; 6-10 years old]

"Fords only look pretty but are expensive to maintain. All our Chevys turn 300,000 before being replaced…Due to theft from open vehicles, the Suburbans are our most popular vehicles." [GC; drives Chevy pickup; 8 cylinder; 4WD; flex fuel; 0-3 years old; with side boxes and rack. Also has Suburbans, a dump trailer, and a van that has not been outfitted.]

"Nissan is horrible. Truck started falling apart at 40k miles." [Remodeler; drives Nissan pickup; 8 cylinder; 4WD; gasoline engine; 3-6 years old; with side boxes and rack]

"I have an 2005 Acura MDX that I made a 6' wide X12' long rack to mount to the factory rack to haul my ladder with other ladders on top. I recently drove from Oregon to Ohio with 35' long copper gutters while pulling a 10' trailer." [Remodeler; drives a 2005 Acura MDX (SUV); 6 cylinder; 4WD; gasoline engine; "I also have a double-axle trailer for my gutter machine"]