Tim Uhler (a.k.a. Awesome Framers, @awesomeframers and @AwesomeFramers, all-around great guy who we're lucky to call a true friend of JLC, and likely no stranger to any of you) recently turned us on to Rachel Walla-Housman, a.k.a. Ally Safety, for which we are immensely grateful.

Safety has a bad rap for being dreadfully dull, but Rachel lives up to her tagline "Safety Made Entertaining" and her channel is the very best sort of entertainment: It's super helpful in a way that doesn't feel like "okay, if I have to."

As an entertaining safety resource, and primer on where to start to implement an engaging company safety program, her Top 10 OSHA Violations of 2023 is a good place to start.

If you click to Watch on YouTube, this OSHA piece includes links to videos in Ally Safety's extensive library, which can give you all you need to know to avoid any of those violations in 2024. Some of the training is available at a small cost, but the core training videos on the list are free, and these would make a solid foundation for company safety meetings.

Not all Ally Safety videos are so extensive. This week's "How to Use Foam Earplugs" is a nice take on, as Rachel puts it, "a not a very high-tech piece of equipment" that nevertheless works when used correctly. She aptly demonstrates just that (and it involves more than jamming them in your ears).

A short hit like this makes a compelling argument for why you and your crew might want to subscribe to Ally Safety: To get these engaging safety hits on a regular basis.