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Frank Woeste is professor emeritus at Virginia Tech University and a wood construction consultant. fwoeste@vt.edu.

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Controlling Floor Vibration Controlling Floor Vibration

Compliance with deflection limits in the code doesn't guarantee customer satisfaction. Read more

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Attaching Deck Ledgers to I-Joist Cantilevers Attaching Deck Ledgers to I-Joist Cantilevers

When I-joists are cantilevered over the foundation wall rather than directly supported at the sill plate, can a deck ledger be safely attached to the engineered rim joist? Read more

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Coastal Resources: Safe and Durable Coastal Decks Coastal Resources: Safe and Durable Coastal Decks

A casual inspection of just about any wooden boardwalk or ocean-side deck provides ample evidence of what a harsh coastal environment can do. Fortunately, there is help at hand to guide builders toward code-conforming deck design and good construction practice. Design for Code Acceptance 6: Prescriptive Residential Deck Construction Guide, or the DCA6, is a 20-page document branded by the AF&PA, the International Code Council, and Fairfax County, Va. Frank Woeste highlights sections of the DCA6 that may be of special interest to the coastal deck contractor. Read more

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Roof Truss Spacing

Q. We see ourselves as quality builders. We frame everything 16 inches on-center, including roof trusses. Most visitors to our job sites feel that this is overkill and that we're wasting the customer's money. Is putting trusses 16 inches on-center with 5/ Read more

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Attaching Deck Ledgers Attaching Deck Ledgers

Problems with deck attachment are common and the issues complex. Three experts home in on the forces at work between the deck ledger and the band joist and offer connection details that will support anticipated loads. Read more

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JLC Field Guide
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