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With more and more product ads touting "environmental friendliness," it's increasingly difficult to separate the truth from the hype. Three publications I recently looked at provide much-needed help for those seeking unbiased sources of benign building products. While all three guides provide information and sources that can help you make sound choices, they fail to recommend specific products. Until there is a standardized method for evaluating products for their environmental suitability, however, this is unlikely to change. Brief Listings Steve Loken's Guide to Resource Efficient Building Elements (Center for Resourceful Building Technology, P.O. Box 3413, Missoula, MT 59806; 406/549- 7678; $20) is a product directory for residential contractors. The chapters are organized like an estimating system, starting with foundation systems and structural framing and ending with finish materials. While some of the product listings are "old hat" to many builders