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Gypsum fiberboard, a new wallboard material introduced in Europe in the early 1980s, is just beginning to be produced in the United States and marketed as an alternative to drywall. It is stronger and denser than conventional drywall, and reportedly resists fire, moisture, and sound better than drywall. Perhaps most important to tradesmen, the new wallboard can be installed and finished without tape. Gypsum fiberboard is like a drywall particleboard. It is formed from a mixture of gypsum, recycled paper fiber, and Perlite (an expanded mineral aggregate). The materials are bonded together without glue by heat and pressure. Two U.S. companies manufacture the new wallboard: Highland American manufactures Gypsonite and Louisiana-Pacific manufacturers FiberBond. Gypsonite is a solid material; FiberBond is layered so that the