Gearing of DeWalt's Framing Saw To the Editor: Regarding the innovative DeWalt Framing Saw (model DW378G) mentioned in your April 1999 article, "Tool Test: In-Line Circular Saws," I would like to make one major correction to the description of the gearing. Rather than a belt drive, the Framing Saw uses offset spiral bevel gearing, which accommodates the repositioning of the motor to achieve superior ergonomics. These gears are made from hardened steel, making them as durable as worm gearing without the added size and weight. Additionally, the gears generate less friction than worm gearing, so they are more efficient. Together, these features make the DW378G 3 pounds lighter and 2 amps more powerful than the other saws. Tony Nicolaidis Assistant Product Manager (Saws) DeWalt