Means' Newest Manual Means Graphic Construction Standards. R.S. Means Co., Inc.. 100 Construction Plaza, Kingston, MA 02364. 1986. 515 pages. $87.95 hardcover. by Paul Hanke Having worked with Ramsey and Sleeper's Architectural Graphic Standards (the architect's bible) for many years, I expected Means Graphic Construction Standards to be a similar sort of compendium of construction materials and details-at least based upon the title. It isn't. Instead, it is a 515-page compilation of material that will be familiar to readers of the R.S. Means Company's wide spectrum of estimating books. Organized by CSI classifications, each section devotes one or two pages to clear drawings of a typical construction assembly (e.g., wood joists and plywood decks), a short written description of the components and materials, and