Renovation: A Complete Guide (2nd Edition) by Michael Litchfield (Prentice-Hall, Inc., 1991; 515/284- 6751). 541 pages. Hardcover, 81/2x11. $38. In 1984, I gave Michael Litchfield's Renovation: A Complete Guide a mixed review. Now there's a new, expanded version which the author asserts "may be the most comprehensive single volume on residential renovation ever attempted." In fact, there aren't many home renovation tasks you won't find addressed in this edition. New chapters address tiling, foundation repair, and installing doors, windows, and skylights. There are also revised illustrations, extensive text rewrites, and appendices on dealing with contractors, architects, money, security, stair building, and even fencing, plus a short bibliography. Much of this collection is as good as you'll get anywhere. I wouldn't hesitate, for example, to use Litchfield's chapter on electricity as my first