In this episode of JLC’s Building Sessions, JLC editor Clay DeKorne joins a full panel of experts to dig deep into window energy performance.

As we strive to improve the energy efficiency of building enclosures, windows are certainly not going to get smaller and fewer. If anything, design trends favor more and bigger glass to connect indoor living spaces with outdoors. In this session, we learn what builders and remodelers can do to make the most of windows to enhance the aesthetics, comfort and energy performance of buildings.

Join DeKorne, along with builder and remodeler Phillip Armand, building-science professional Steve Easley, Andersen Windows Director of Corporate Regulatory Affairs Mark Mikkelson, Andersen Windows Technical Leader for Glass and Glazing Systems in Research Development & Innovation Enterprise Technologies Drew Pavlacky, and Andersen Windows Product Manager Cliff MacDonald, as they share insights on the energy impact of windows, energy-code options, and the future of high-performance windows.