JLC ??OCTOBER 1992 Interview: Rafter Framing With Wood I-Beams For greater speed and longer spans, wood I-beams make good sense Two men can easily position a 24-foot I-beam rafter. The wood I-beams are lightweight and straight enough that they don't need crowning. Wood I-beam joists arebecoming much more common in residential floor systems. But using the same components for roof rafters is met with some skepticism. For that reason, we went to Mike Hoch of Sunbuilt Homes in Champaign, Ill. He and his partner, Mark Hieronymus, build both spec and custom homes. They began using wood I-beams in their roof framing several years ago, and they have become loyal fans of those manufactured members. Here's what Hoch had to say about them. JLC: Why did you start using wood