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An Armchair Engineer's Reading List

These entertaining books that examine the structural underpinnings of many of the... More

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Building a Foundation Designed for a Wet Site

A grade beam footing supported by 59 helical piers allows this concrete foundation... More

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Laminated vs. Solid-Sawn Column: Which is Stronger?

Is a post built with three 2x6s nailed together the structural equivalent of a 6x6... More

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Understanding Shear Wall Construction

Watch as Tim Uhler breaks down everything you need to know about building shear walls. More

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Alternative Uses for Helical Piles

How installing helical piles at an angle allows them to be used to provide lateral... More

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Beam Stress and Strain: A Lesson in Statics

Clayton DeKorne explains how beams are governed by five principal factors that... More

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Uniform vs. Concentrated Deflection

Why it's important to know the difference when installing tile over a plywood... More

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Practical Details for Earthquake-Resilient Buildings

Shear walls and strong connections are key in resisting the lateral forces that... More

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Don't Break the Lateral Load Path

Tim Uhler shows how he installs embedded strap-tie hardware to transfer lateral... More

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An Introduction to Structural Design

To keep a building upright, you have to know how it might fall down. More

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