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Fixing a Sagging Beam

Tim Uhler answers the question, 'When a 22-ft. long LVL beam on a house that you... More

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Helpful Tools for Building Resilient, Code-Compliant Wall Systems

From resiliency and energy efficiency to simplified siding and trim attachment,... More

Diagonal Bracing on an Elevated Deck

Here's how to brace the corner posts, and why you shouldn't brace those... More

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Placing a Concrete Slab Over Living Space

Tim Uhler on the framing and waterproofing details needed to locate a garage on... More

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An Armchair Engineer's Reading List

These entertaining books that examine the structural underpinnings of many of the... More

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Building a Foundation Designed for a Wet Site

A grade beam footing supported by 59 helical piers allows this concrete foundation... More

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Laminated vs. Solid-Sawn Column: Which is Stronger?

Is a post built with three 2x6s nailed together the structural equivalent of a 6x6... More

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Understanding Shear Wall Construction

Watch as Tim Uhler breaks down everything you need to know about building shear walls. More

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Alternative Uses for Helical Piles

How installing helical piles at an angle allows them to be used to provide lateral... More

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Beam Stress and Strain: A Lesson in Statics

Clayton DeKorne explains how beams are governed by five principal factors that... More

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