Robert Reap

A few projects ago, we framed the first and second floors of an octagonal house using a precut framing package that included I-joists, LVL beams, and LSL rim joists. Even though that project had a complex floor plan, construction went smoothly enough that I was eager to try the system — iLevel’s NextPhase JobPack — again. We had that opportunity last summer when we began work on a custom 4,000-square-foot home, located on a hillside site with a lot of wind exposure.

While we were developing the plans, the homeowners made it clear that they wanted a solid, noise-free house. To avoid squeaky floors, we usually frame with I-joists rather than sawn lumber or trusses. And while we typically use sawn lumber to frame our roofs, I thought LSL rafters would be a better choice for this project, especially when I...

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