This is a simple trick that’s one of the first things we teach our new guys. When framing a building, you need to reload your nail guns (we run Hitachi stick nailers), and you can carry only so many nails in your bags without getting weighed down. But you can’t toss a bunch of sticks to a co-worker without them flying everywhere. Tossing one rack at a time doesn’t work either: First of all, it’s too slow, and more times than not, that one rack is going to break apart, and you’ll end up with a lot of pieces.

Here’s what we do instead. Take however many racks of nails you want to toss and line them up the same way. Then take one more rack and stick it into the bundle (see photos). That holds them together. They’re not going to come apart, and they make for an easy toss to the top plates, to the roof, across the floor deck, or to wherever your guy is.

I’ve had probably $4,000 in nails tossed at me that have gone flying everywhere and broken. This prevents that.