Air Conditioning For Humid Climates

No matter where you work, air conditioning for comfort has always been challenging: Comfort is a subjective quality, and the expectations vary from one person to the next. But in hot, humid areas like the southern coastal states, heating and cooling design can pose particularly tough problems. As a custom heating and air conditioning contractor in North Carolina, I know how hard it can be to keep a home comfortable during humid weather. In this part of the world, both the outdoor temperatures and the atmospheric humidity levels can vary through a wide range, and not necessarily together. Con-trolling both temperature and humidity with the same comfort system, 365 days a year, calls for a lot of technical savvy.

I work mainly in the custom home market, and my customers have high expectations. Even so, I have to compete against typical fly-by-night contractors who are willing to undercut my prices by 50%. Those lowball contractors will cut all kinds of corners to make a buck. Rarely, if ever, do they take the time to properly estimate even the total...

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