Energy Efficiency

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During Historic Storm, Hybrid Energy System Goes the Distance

A renewable-energy expert uses his home as a testing ground for resilient power. More

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Selecting High-Performance Doors and Windows

Phil Armand describes the selection process he leans on to address this critical... More

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Smart Thermostat Kit

Sensors enable prioritizing different rooms at different times of the day, while a... More

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Energy-Efficient Water Heater

An inverter heat pump delivers energy savings over conventional electric heating. More

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Soft-Start Kit Offers Affordable Backup Power

Now homeowners can keep their lights and A/C on with a small, portable propane... More

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An Introduction to Zonal Pressure Diagnostics

Randy Williams explains more of his air leak sleuthing techniques in the latest... More

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How Going Clean Can Save Your Customer Some Green

These new programs can cut your building costs and save your customer money More

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Homeowners seek heating oil alternatives amid rising prices

Propane suppliers are working closely with builders and remodelers to heat homes... More

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Ductwork for a Retrofit ERV

Miguel Walker explains the tradeoffs of using existing heating ducts instead of... More

Tough Thermal-Imaging Smartphone

The AGM Glory G1S is an Android smartphone with built-in infrared capability for... More

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