Letters Not All Gypsum Sheathing Alike To the Editor: As always, I enjoyed the latest edition [6/88] of New England Builder. However, I was startled when I read the piece on EIFS systems and found a glaring omission. Nowhere in the article does your writer, Richard Piper, mention that not all gypsum sheathing is paperfaced. Georgia-Pacific has developed Dens-Glass, a fiberglass-faced gypsum sheathing to address the same problems of paper-faced sheathing that Mr. Piper stressed. Mr. Piper concludes that a way to prevent soft-coat EIFS failures is to use a cement-based sheathing. However, in tests comparing Dens- Glass with cement-based board products, Dens-Glass compared favorably with those products. And Dens-Glass has an added benefit for the builder and the applicator-it weighs one-third less than cementbased boards and
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