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Retrofit Soundproofing

Practical methods for effectively reducing sound transmission through walls,... More

Another Option for Fire-Resistant Decks

Some pedestrian traffic coatings qualify as Class A, 1-hour fire-rated roof coverings. An installer advocates for their use on decks in a Wildland Urban Interface. More

Danner Radical 452 ST Work Boots

With a scuff proof toe cap and a Gore-Tex liner these steel toe boots are tough... More

Guardrail Post Kits

Manufactured surface-mounted post kits won't warp or twist like 4x4 wood posts,... More

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Working With Foam Subfloor Adhesive

The pros and cons of working with DAP SmartBond polyurethane subfloor adhesive,... More

Klein Expands Insulated Tool Line

This new line of pliers, strippers, and cutters is slimmer and sleeker than the... More

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JLC April Letters

Joists in an old floor, repairing a concrete slab in an old floor, and more. More

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Sole Survivor. What's on Your Feet?

Do you prefer sneakers or tennis shoes for lightness and agility on the jobsite? You might want to think twice about what you wear on your feet. More

Window Installation

Before I became a field-training consultant for builders, I was a builder and remodeler. Even then, long before mold was a hot topic, it bothered me how many different methods were used to install windows. Stucco guys did it one way, East Coasters another, and production framers in California had their own techniques. So I set out to find best practices for my own sites to prevent problems and to streamline production. More

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