There are various reasons why seven out of every 10 windows made in the U.S. today are vinyl, topping competing materials by a wide margin.

Hint: Price isn’t the top one.

In fact, price isn’t the second, third or even fourth reason. According to the 2023 JLC Brand Use Study, vinyl window’s lower price point is the fifth reason cited by 1,132 remodelers and contractors. The top reasons:

1. Availability

2. Ease of installation

3. Product performance

4. Warranty

This list confirms what industry pros like Andy Karr already know. “Most contractors and builders recognize vinyl windows as the smart choice for energy efficiency, durability, on-trend styling and versatility. Yes, upfront savings of up to 30% are great. But as the JLC study suggests, it’s just one of many reasons,” explains the senior product manager at Cornerstone Building Brands, home of Aperture Solutions, a family of leading window and door brands, such as Simonton Windows & Doors.

Whenever “Why vinyl?” comes up in professional circles, these are the common themes:

  • Safe Choice. It’s hard to argue with seven decades of vinyl performance. Just last year, Simonton Windows, a vinyl window brand, won top industry honors from a who’s who of building product experts, including Architectural Digest, U.S. News & World Report, Bob Villa, Property Nest and Better Homes & Gardens. Karr says Window + Door’s 2023 Industry Pulse reports, “… 56% of the window and door industry says vinyl windows were the most in-demand product in 2022.” Not bad for a 70-year-old building material.
  • On-Trend Versatility. You don’t survive long in this industry if you don’t keep up. “The ability to incorporate popular colors and offer almost endless configurations only adds to the appeal of vinyl. It works with any architectural style, from modern to traditional,” Karr says.
  • All Climate Performance. Vinyl outperforms aluminum, and vinyl windows compare well with wood and fiberglass windows. Energy Star and AAMA Gold Label (American Architectural Manufacturers Association) certifications are other key differentiators. Simonton Windows & Doors, for example, has been an Energy Star partner for 25 years with select triple-pane windows recognized as the Most Efficient of Energy Star 2024. The brand also complies with strict AAMA testing standards with independent lab data to prove it.
  • Fewer Callbacks, Lower Maintenance. Karr says you sometimes hear unfounded claims like “It’s stronger than vinyl.” Karr says building science disputes that: “The strength of a window is really measured by its ability to withstand wind pressures. Vinyl windows offer some of the highest design pressure ratings of any window material.” No chipping, peeling, blistering, corrosion, repainting or restaining, either. It enables top vinyl window brands like Simonton Windows & Doors to offer a Limited Lifetime Warranty and other warranty services.
  • Free Pro Support. It’s tough for pros to keep up with social media and other lead generators. Karr points to the ProNetwork from Simonton as how vinyl window manufacturers help fill that gap with no-cost marketing email, design and signage services.

The one constant in home remodeling and building is change. Today, it’s good to know in residential windows, at least, vinyl windows continue to be a reliable choice.

Learn more about why vinyl windows are the right choice on your next project.