Affordable Housing

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Millions Priced Out of Homeownership as Costs Strain Owners and Renters

Improvements to affordability are limited by robust household growth, development... More

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Housing Market Slows as Fed Takes Aggressive Approach to Combat Inflation

Zonda’s Ali Wolf and Tim Sullivan break down the numbers - inflation, consumer... More

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As Interest Rates Heat Up, Home Prices and Rents Predicted to Cool

Benchmark JCHS report says rising interest rates, double-digit home price... More

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Student Debt Forgiveness and the Housing Market: Benefit or Not?

If implemented by the new Biden administration, a $10,000 student loan forgiveness... More

Prime Real Estate

Amazon is selling houses for under 20K. Is it a threat or an opportunity? More

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Panelizing Affordability

The Austin, Texas, Habitat for Humanity affiliate is using simple panelizing... More

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Surviving Hurricane, Habitat Houses Offer Lessons

These modest heroes came through Hurricane Michael with flying colors. More

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California Habitat for Humanity Chapter Ponders Wildfire Rebuilding Choices

SIPs and GigaCrete are on the short list for a major disaster response and... More

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Brown Out

The California governor got handed his head for trying to un-entrench special... More

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