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Evaluating Fire-Damaged Concrete

Sometimes the foundation of a fire-damaged building is okay to re-use; sometimes... More

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Installation Considerations for Indoor/Outdoor Fireplaces

Fireplaces enjoyed indoors and out are a desirable amenity. Here's how to install... More

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How Close Can a Mantel Be to a Fireplace?

Different standards apply to mantel and surround clearances, depending on whether... More

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Building a Resilient Farmhouse

In the wake of Texas power failures, one builder moves away from electrification... More

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Textured Wall Tiles

Panels with the look of split, stacked stone can be installed inside or out. More

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Lightweight Quartz Slab Profile

Just 6mm thick, the slabs are intended for applications like shower surrounds and... More

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Outdoor Living Enhancements

New fire features, water elements, and planters from Trex are made from copper and... More

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Restoring a Fire-Damaged Home

Learn how one Vermont contractor juggled the wishes of his client with the demands... More

Backyard Alpenglow

Read how a Colorado builder created this custom fire pit, which is screened from... More

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Exterior Air for a Masonry Wood-Burning Fireplace

What are the code requirements for supplying combustion air to a masonry fireplace? More

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