Green Standards

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A Challenge to the Building Community

Instead of a world that is merely a less-bad version of the one we currently have,... More

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The Green Police Keep It Simple

Deciphering the numerous programs and requirements in green building can be... More

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Number of LEED Homes Has Doubled in Three Years

California has the most LEED-certified homes, followed by New York and Texas. More

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Dallas Implements Green Building Code

Starting October 1, new homes in Dallas, Texas must be “certifiable” under LEED guidelines or meet equivalent city standards. More

Lonza Wood Protection Earns Certification

Wolmanized Outdoor wood can be used to earn green building credits. More

Massachusetts Towns Debate Stretch Code

Massachusetts Towns Debate Stretch Code More

Maryland Adopts Green Construction Code
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JLC Report: Passive House Seeks Broader Appeal

Passive House seeks broader appeal; proposed code changes stir controversy in North Carolina; more More

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Lawsuit Claims LEED Certification Is False and Misleading

Class action suit holds that the "green" project rating system is just a marketing gimmick that harms the interests of non-LEED building performance experts. More

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Maine Gets Its First Statewide Code

It’s long been known that sunlight reflected from low-E windows can melt vinyl siding, but the management of a “green” Las Vegas hotel is confronted by a similar problem on a vastly larger scale. More

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