Nail Kicker
Nail Kicker

Nail Kicker Denailer
With more and more emphasis placed on salvaging building materials for reuse and reducing the volume of material sent to landfills, a lot of contractors are taking a new look at the value of nail-infested lumber that used to end up in a Dumpster. It was faster and frankly easier to chuck those pieces, whether they were removed from a remodeling project or accumulated during new framing, and then head to the piles of new material. The Nail Kicker V20 pneumatic denailer could change that, making easy work out of nail removal from a variety of materials. The tool looks like a nailer without a magazine and is available with driver rods and nose guides sized for different-diameter fasteners. The company offers three nose-bore diameters for maximum efficiency in most common denailing applications: .167 inch (4.24 mm), .215 inch (5.46 mm), and .328 inch (8.33 mm). To use the Nail Kicker, you lay the material on a sawhorse, place the nose guide over the protruding nail point, and pull the trigger; the driver shoots the nail back out the other side. The spring-loaded nose guide lets you control the driver's depth. Nail Kicker V20: $499. 888-447-3873.