The author has acquired a collection of used block planes over the course of his carpentry career. All required a tune-up and sharpening, but none cost more than $25.

When he was 17, carpenter and woodworker Mark Luzio stumbled upon his first hand plane in a circuitous way that involved a brief stint working for a roofer. The job and the discovery both helped guide his future career as a woodworker. Now, 45 years later, he is using, tuning up, and resharpening that same block plane. He has also acquired a varied collection, many of which he has purchased at an antique market in Brimfield, Mass. Luzio’s rule for buying: He’s never paid more than $25 for a hand plane. How has he kept his finds in working condition for so long? Read on to learn how he tunes and resharpens them, and how he puts a new edge on a paring chisel.

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