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There are many ways to create evenly spaced layout; some involve math or the use of a calculator while others rely on drafting tricks and the use of a compass, tick stick, or tape. This little gizmo requires no tricks or math. Just lay the MK2 on the work piece and stretch it out or collapse it to create even spacing. However you hold it the distance between layout points—the notches in the ends of the uprights—will be the same.

The MK2 replaces the earlier MK1, which came out 10+ years ago. This new version of the tool is larger and made from thicker metal, and the connections between pieces are bushed for smoother action. After setting the spacing you can lock it in by turning the two knurled knobs. The tool can be used to create up to 6 even spaces; full extension is 30 inches so those spaces can be up to 5 inches apart. There are an odd number of uprights so the middle one can be used to instantly find the center of anything under 30 inches wide.

I haven’t used this tool but can tell by looking it would be handy to have in the shop. And I could see using it on site for centering knobs and spacing balusters or hardware (provided they’re not more than 5 inches O.C.).

MK2 Point 2 Point
Country of origin: UK
Price: $24