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How to Accurately Price Change Orders

Here's how to avoid inaccurately priced change orders, which are one of the main... More

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Flexible Pricing: A Strategy for Uncertain Times

Instead of lump-sum pricing, which focuses on costs, consider flexible pricing,... More

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Cost vs. Value: Key Trends in the 2023 Cost vs. Value Report

Learn what remodeling projects maintain a premium to homebuyers when times are tough. More

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Estimating Material the Easy Way

Jon Beer switched from Excel to Stack cloud-based software for faster, easier, and... More

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Six Best Practices For Navigating Volatility In The Construction Industry

Construction management software gives you the toolkit you need to stay profitable... More

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Learning How to Pay for Trucks and Tools

The trick is to charge each job for replacement tools and equipment. More

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How to use technology to manage material price changes

Streamline your relationship with your pro dealer to save your customers money and... More

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Custom home builders use software to navigate market risks

Earn more business and time back by streamlining your operations from quote to... More

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How to Accurately Estimate Construction Project Costs with Technology

Construction estimating can be tough, especially when dealing with many variables... More

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Key Trends in the 2021 Cost vs. Value Report

Homes provide different types of value. This study tracks one that proves to be a... More

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